You’re invited to the 5th CEMM workshop

Objavljeno: 11.07.2017



You’re invited to the 5th CEMM workshop on Monday July 17 at 9AM which will be held in Kolar lecture room. The workshop is designed as a training for new operators on scanning electron microscope (SEM).


In the first part, we will discuss the use of vacuum technique and introduce the history of vacuum in the last 100 years. Users will get acquainted with various ranges of vacuum and with different types of pumps that are used in the electron microscopes. We will also discuss the influence of sample preparation on the vacuum.


The second part will be devoted to the sample preparation for scanning electron microscopy. We will present various methods of the preparation, which depend on the analysis/observation and on the type of sample. In the case of non-conductive or poorly conductive samples, the difference between sputtering and evaporation will be explained. The physical mechanisms of thin film growth will be discussed. Advice to achieve the best thin film deposition will be also given.

sample preparation 2-handouts

In the third part, we will explain the construction and operation of the scanning electron microscope. We will look at the individual components of the microscope, the differences between electron emitters, operation of electromagnetic lenses, apertures and detectors for measuring the signal.

scanning electron microscope 2-handouts



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