Transmission electron microscopy

In the center we have two transmission electron microscopes (JEOL JEM-2100 and JEOL JEM2010F). Analytical transmission electron microscope JEOL JEM2010F is equipped with a scanning unit (ADF, BD STEM detectors), EDXS and EELS.

From left to right: Jeol JEM-2100, rutile precipitate in chrysoberyl, HRTEM image and SAED of taaffeite mineral, HRTEM image of twin in chrysoberyl (inset: simulation of chrysoberyl twin).

Jeol JEM-2100 (manual-2100)

From left to right: Jeol JEM-2010F, Fe-Pd nanowire cross section, TEM analysis of Ag-Ni layers, HRTEM image of TaSeS crystal division.

Jeol JEM-2010F (manual-2010f)