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Exhibition Objavljeno: 09.03.2018

At the Center, we found that a lot of beautiful and interesting images were acquired on our microscopes, so we cooperated with the excellent team Printaj.si and the first images were hung.

Training of new SEM operators Objavljeno: 27.02.2018

A new workshop for SEM was organized (invitation_CEMM_workshop_6). In addition to the vacuum, which is important in electron microscopy (6 workshop-vacuum_HANDOUTS). We discussed also the sample preparation (6 workshop-sample preparation_HANDOUTS) and the composition of the microscope (6 workshop-scanning electron microscope_handouts).

You’re invited to the 5th CEMM workshop Objavljeno: 11.07.2017

  You’re invited to the 5th CEMM workshop on Monday July 17 at 9AM which will be held in Kolar lecture room. The workshop is designed as a training for new operators on scanning electron microscope (SEM). invitation_CEMM_workshop_5th In the first part, we will discuss the use of vacuum technique and introduce the history of…
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The 4th CEMM workshop: “Microanalysis – The Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy” Objavljeno: 27.04.2016

On Wednesday 20.4.2016 the Center for electron microscopy and microanalysis carried out the 4th CEMM workshop (invitation_CEMM_workshop_4th), which was divided into two parts with a break for cookies. The aim of the workshop was to present Microanalytic techniques – mainly EDS. We got to know the source of X-ray production and how the X-ray detection takes place, what conditions…
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3rd CEMM workshop: “SEM – graphic user interface on JSM-7600F” Objavljeno: 12.01.2016

CEMM organized the 3rd workshop were we talked about the advantages the JSM-7600F offers and how the operator can use it to his or hers advantage – less operation time and better imaging (handouts_12.1.2016). If necessary the workshop will be repeated.