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3rd CEMM workshop: “SEM – graphic user interface on JSM-7600F” Objavljeno: 12.01.2016

CEMM organized the 3rd workshop were we talked about the advantages the JSM-7600F offers and how the operator can use it to his or hers advantage – less operation time and better imaging (handouts_12.1.2016). If necessary the workshop will be repeated.

2nd CEMM workshop: “SEM – scanning electron microscopy” Objavljeno: 22.12.2015

The workshop was organized as part of CEMM lectures for everyone who uses scanning electron microscope in their work (SEM_MajaKoblar_handouts). We talked about the vacuum system and why we have different pumps. The SEM was divided in to two parts, first we explained the column and then the chamber with all the detectors. We looked…
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1st CEMM workshop: “Cleaning of the sample (ion etching) and coating” Objavljeno: 22.12.2015

The first CEMM workshop (handouts) was done, where we had one hour to present the theory of etching and coating (sputtering and evaporating). We looked at the different coating modes and how to grow thin films. Next week we will organize a workshop on coaters (CED, SCD and PECS). To book an appointment just enter…
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1st Slovene Microscopy Symposium Objavljeno: 22.12.2015

CEMM assisted in the organization of the first Slovenian mikroskopistov consultations to be held on 18 and 19 May 2015 in Piran. The basic aim is to collect, present and connect young and already established Slovenian researchers in the fields of natural sciences, materials science and industry, which in its work using microscopic techniques. More…
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AdSTEM workshop Objavljeno: 22.12.2015

The workshop was intended for PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and already experienced mikroskopistom. Topics cover the queuing of quantitative electron microscopy (STEM BF, ADF, HAADF, ABF) pektroskopijo EELS and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDXS) .Delavnica was divided into three modules: Experimental and quantitative HAADF–STEM Experimental and quantitative core-loss and low-loss EELS Experimental and quantitative EDXS At…
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