The 4th CEMM workshop: “Microanalysis – The Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy”

Objavljeno: 27.04.2016

On Wednesday 20.4.2016 the Center for electron microscopy and microanalysis carried out the 4th CEMM workshop (invitation_CEMM_workshop_4th), which was divided into two parts with a break for cookies. The aim of the workshop was to present Microanalytic techniques – mainly EDS. We got to know the source of X-ray production and how the X-ray detection takes place, what conditions must be met to analyze the spectra in order to obtain proper identification. At a glance, we mentioned different ways of processing information and which commercial techniques exist (handouts-part1). In the second part, we looked at the Oxford system INCA Energy and spoke mainly how to obtain and properly assess the results (handouts-part2).

The workshop was filmed and will soon be added to the youtube channel. The link to the 1st part and 2nd part of the workshop.



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