Raising awareness about protection against ticks

Objavljeno: 19.09.2022
Participation in the event ŽIV ŽAV: raising awareness about protection against ticks

Last month, in cooperation with a biotechnology company, we raised awareness about protection against ticks at an unforgettable event

for children and parents (ŽIV ŽAV), organized by the Utrip Sports Association. The main attraction of the event is

overcoming a children’s obstacle course, where at the same time we learn about medieval myths and Loka activities.

Since the event takes place in the forest in Škofja Loka (Zminec), we decided to participate in raising awareness of the dangers of ticks.

With a close-up view of the tick, it quickly becomes clear to us how such a small thing can quickly be absorbed into the skin

and leaves irreversible consequences for a lifetime.

Let’s protect ourselves against ticks!

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